Kubota Dental Clinic

Welcome to Kubota dental clinic.


Our office is located in Yokohama city near Idogaya station (walk 3 minutes) Keikyu Line. 


We treat general dentistry (dental caries, periodontitis, endodontics, prosthesis, pedodontics), and  orthodontics, implants, whitenning.


In particular, we promote preventive dentistry. Because it will keep the customer's oral condition best. Regular teeth cleaning (PMTC) is one of the best ways.


Also we are promoting dental implant. It enables drastical recovery from the LOST chewing function as well as easthetic apperance.


We are cooperating many high class hospitals to provide specilized domain skills. Those are total orthodontics, surgeries for complicated deseases,  treatment for cancers, and BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy)

Japanese public insuarace is acceptable.